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Ashley Hoobler

I am an Army Veteran and have served overseas in wartime; my experiences in the Army helped me fine-tune my ability to connect with others, mentor, coach, lead, and most importantly - communicate in a way that reaches my intended audience.

I am passionate about helping others find their inner authority and personal power and take charge of their lives so that they can create the life that they dream of. No longer suffering needlessly, constantly having to overcome one obstacle after another, feeling drained and depleted, or struggling with their own self-worth or feeling like an imposter!

It would be my pleasure to help guide you along your journey. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

My Catalyst Moment

While I have been spiritual and working on my own healing and self-development journey for many years, there is a specific point that shifted my life dramatically and put me on this new career path.

I had been in the Army for about 11 years at this point, I had joined out of a moment of Intuitive knowing. It was a sudden epiphany, if I were a cartoon you would have seen a giant lightbulb appear and click on above my head. That's the best way I can describe this. I just KNEW that it was exactly where I needed to be and what I needed to do. It never felt like a lifetime career though, I just didn't know at what point it needed to end. I figured I would know when the time came.

Well, after 11 years, the time started to come. Leading up to this, I had been traveling and deployed several times, forcing me to be away from my daughter who was 3-6 years old during this period.

I had finally had enough of a crappy marriage and was tired of always being stressed out, angry, and resentful and had finalized the divorce in September of 2016. I had arrived in Fort Hood, Texas (only about 4 hours away from my Family thankfully) and started to travel constantly. In September of 2017, I was deployed to Kuwait to support Iraq and Syria. As I was getting ready to leave, the Army sent me orders to report to a new unit, which would have required I change units midway through the deployment. My current unit fought it and ended up keeping me on staff until our return in March of 2018 despite orders to report in January. The new unit was low on manpower and needed to send someone to a training mission in Europe, so I found myself in another foreign country only 4 weeks from returning, still barely seeing my daughter who was living with my parents due to my absence. While I was in Kuwait, I kept having these nagging thoughts about getting out of the Army, even though I was preparing for a promotion and had other plans I wanted to see through in the Army.

I didn't listen to that inner voice. So come October of 2018 I was put on orders to go to drill sergeant school and then move again to a new place, where I had no backup child care and would work impossible hours that didn't fit childcare facilities. At that point, my daughter was only back with me for 3 months and had started kindergarten. She was having a hard time adjusting to all of the moving around and was being evaluated for ADHD and behavioral issues. If I went to the training, I would have to relocate her back to my parents since I didn't have any reliable care locally for the 3 months I would be gone. So I declined. Which opened up a whole ordeal of problems.

I was put forward to an administrative separation board, a panel of senior leaders, who would hear my case and decide if I could stay in. I fought like heck. I was approached by many of my peers and seniors, telling me that I should fight it and that the Army needed great leaders like me. So I did, despite the whispers in my head.

Right before the panel convened my hips started giving me more problems, I couldn't ignore it anymore. I would just be walking normally and my leg would drop underneath me.

I won the hearing but was put on probation for a year. No promotion, no awards. I was stuck. To make matters worse, none of the interventions for my hips had succeeded and I was heading towards surgery. I had never felt so stuck in my life. No matter what I did or how hard I tried, I just couldn't catch a break. I was working harder than ever to prove that I belonged there and missing valuable time with my daughter and filled with parental guilt because of it.

Towards the end of 2019, the Akashic Records kept popping up in my life. I saw it everywhere. Something about it was important, I could feel it. Just like when I decided to join the Army, so I started looking into it more and more. That's when I found Soul Realignment Practitioner training. It explained things in the ways that I had always inherently known and clicked together so many pieces of the puzzle of the universe that I had collected through the years. I finally had the words to describe what I knew and understood to others.

I started the training while working with clients and kept seeing that many could identify with the energy of the karmic blocks, but no one seemed to be able to place what CHOICES they made that created it. So I sought out training with Avalon Empowerment to master the unconscious mind. I participated in the training over the course of surgery and recovery leave. I knew I was getting out, so I opened up Seeking Divine Serendipity to allow me to do something I loved while preparing for the inevitable separation from the Army.

Along the way, through the training, I was forced to look deeper and harder at who I was, and what choices I was making. How was I contributing to my own Karmic blocks? It was then that the struggles started to unravel. I realized that I had kept choosing to ram into the brick wall of problems until they collapsed, through sheer stubborn determination. But as I looked back, I saw the openings that I had missed before. I realized that the walls were only 8 ft long. If I had paused for a moment, I would have realized that I could have just walked around instead of spending so much energy ramming through the dang thing!

Once I started healing those old wounds and making new choices something crazy happened! IT WAS EASY! Life literally just fell right into place. It was almost effortless. Any time I hit a snag I know to step back and look at my choices and actions to find where I need to heal and what changes or old paradigms need to be shifted. My life has completely changed. I can see clearly now how all of that struggle would have been prevented if I had just listened to my inner voice. I realize now how faint the warnings are, and if ignored, the energy builds and builds until you find yourself full-body slammed by the universe.


I'm grateful for all of the challenges and trials that led me here. I LOVE helping others create such amazing changes in their lives and feel blessed to watch the transformation unfold, up close and personal. I always knew that I was here to change the world for the better. And I finally found my way to help.

These are the ripples I create, that turn into tidal waves of transformation. By watching you embark on this courageous journey of self-healing and unapologetic authenticity, you give others the courage to do the same. You create new relationships and adopt healthy habits and beliefs, which impact your children, family members, coworkers, and casual bystanders. You too can be the change, just by working on yourself.

Are you ready to start your own ripples of positive change? Join me on this mission! Schedule a consult call with me, free with no obligations whatsoever, to see if I am the right one to guide you through the transformation that will last you lifetimes!


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Certifications and Training

Certified Akashic Records Expert, completing 7 levels of training in the Soul Realignment Modality. 2019-2022

Initial and Mastery certifications in Soul Success Unleashed, a clairvoyant and aura reading and energy healing modality. 2020-2021

Certified as an Evolved Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Empowerment Coach through Avalon Empowerment, with training in trauma awareness and Quantum Time Release 2021-2022.