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Awaken Your Soul – Choose Courage Over Despair


It’s easy to fall into feeling hopeless and trapped in the darkness when the barrage of pain seems never-ending. It’s easy to cave into those feelings and the illusion that it will never end.

I, too, once felt that way.

It wasn’t until I realized that it was my choice albeit, not an easy one. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to choose a different path. We have to go to the brink before finding the courage to change the tides of our lives. Each person’s toleration point will vary. But without going to that brink of suffering, we would never have the courage to change things, to choose MORE for our lives.

It’s that journey to the far end of the spectrum of who we are NOT, that reminds us of who we were born to be. As we suffered, sacrificed, and endured- we learned who we were not, so that we may be reminded of who we came here to become.

Awaken Your Soul – Choose Courage Over Despair

It’s that choice, the great awakening of the soul, that unleashes a tidal wave of change into our lives.

It’s easy to allow the tides of expectations to pull you along the river of life. To resist it, it feels as if you are going against the current. That too is an illusion that was bred into the nature of humans to ensure survival and compliance long ago.

But this is a different time, with more choice and possibility. More resources, opportunities, and acceptance.

This week will bring forward feelings of being unsupported. Depending on where you are on your journey of the soul’s awakening, the impact of this energy will vary. It will still surface, as a guiding light, to show you where those illusions still have a hold.

This week we are encouraged by the universe and brought opportunities to discover new ways, new choices, and new ways of being in the world, to be flexible, and to loosen our hold on the illusions that shaped our life in the past so that different ideas, choices, and paths may begin to unfold.

Within that courage to choose another way, to look at the world and life in another way, we find a deeper understanding of who we were born to become and finally feel supported by everything that surrounds us.

This week may feel desolate or hard. It may challenge you and you may endure even more. Listen to the whispers of your soul and let it guide you. Let it help you find the way back to who you are. Have you had enough? Are you done with this suffering? Have you reached the edge of the spectrum? What have you learned along the way? What are you choosing to discard and change? Those are the questions being asked this week.

This journey, the awakening of the soul, can be hard and challenging, but the reward at the end, being able to truly LIVE your life, as YOU, is worth it. When you work with me as your soul’s guide, the journey is easier and faster. It will move you forward faster than you can on your own. So, this week, my question to you is- are you ready to LIVE this life as YOU?

If your soul is screaming a YES at that question, the link for you is below. The first step into a new life. It’s worth it, and YOU are worth it.

Until the next time,


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