Embark on transformative journeys that shed light on the inherent spirit within, offer intimate accounts of brave women championing collective healing, and present powerful narratives from dedicated healers sharing their spiritual stories. These curated reads will inspire, empower, and connect you to a deeper sense of self and purpose.

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There comes a point in each of our lives when we suddenly realize that we have spent our whole lives in the dark. The truth is, we all hold a light within us. It is our birthright. That light is our Soul.

Whether you call it an identity crisis or a spiritual awakening, this is the book your Soul craves.

Join us as we take you through the spiritual healing journey, sharing wisdom and insights so you can jump on the fast track to creating a life you love to live, one that feels like YOU!

In this book we share resources, tools, and exercises to help you discover your own truths. We take the time to explain spiritual concepts discussed so you can truly understand how and why each of them matter to you, and share parts of our own journey so you can see from a different lens what your journey may look like. Spiritual Healing can feel loney and hard when you are in the thick of it. Let us be the light that guides you and reassure you that you are not alone.

Sister Armor

Sister Armor, Healing in Community is a collaboration of women whose lives have been their canvas. You’ll feel held in these pages. You’ll feel the permission to finally live the life you know is waiting for you, past the fear. You’ll feel those things because the authors are trailblazers of that courage and love.

Get ready to sink deep into your heart space for a reading experience you may not have thought you’d ever get—human beings sharing the most vulnerable of their moments and celebrating the life they enjoy as a result of doing the work of healing.

Find your voice, save your life vol 3. Powerful Healers, spiritual stories.

Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 3: Powerful Healers, Spiritual Stories is the third book in Dianna Leeder’s Voices of Women project. Dianna has a mission to inspire, empower, and lift up women, specifically to find and use their voices as a means to living extraordinary lives.

In this third book, Leeder is joined by some of the world’s most passionate and dedicated healers who are coming out with their spiritual stories in an effort to normalize what most call “woo.”

You’ll find authentic, profoundly moving stories that give you life-changing perspectives and wisdom along with some new ideas about what’s possible. Some first-time writers, and some pros get together in a magnificent collaboration of brave words and energy that will help you connect with your own superpowers.


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