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Chaos of Creation: It’s not futile, it’s fertile


  • May 12
  • 2 min read

I don’t know about how y’all do it, but anytime I go to reorganize and update my systems in my home, clearing out old things that I no longer need, I tend to create a huge chaotic mess while sorting through what is in front of me. Sometimes it almost gets overwhelming in the middle of it though.


It’s easy for things to seem futile, especially in the midst of chaos.

It makes it hard to see ahead, things feel unpredictable, and it’s as if the world has been turned on its head.

The truth is often only time and forward momentum can reveal the path that was being created in that chaotic moment.

Chaos is a deconstructive force after all. It makes it hard to see what is being created from the deconstructed pieces. Just like piles upon piles of clothes strewn about the room while they are being sorted into piles before being put back in their new rightful places.

The thing that helps us anchor in that change and move through the chaos is our clarity of intention and internal vision of what we are wanting to create in the end. If we don’t have that, it can indeed seem futile.

As you move through today, give yourself space to play with the pieces and imagine what you can create with all of the things that seem to be pulled apart in front of you, or what you can do with that newfound space as you clear out the old, unnecessary things.

Our internal selves are much like our homes. When you stop to think of it that way, it helps you see the new possibilities, rather than getting overwhelmed by the disaster that is in front of you.

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