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Choosing Joy and Reclaiming Power: Your Energy Update for July 10-16


  • Jul 10
  • 2 min read
From pessimism to joy

Welcome to your energy update for the week of July 10th through the 16th. This week, we’re turning our focus towards discernment, the art of understanding and choosing what truly sparks joy in our lives. The spotlight’s also on those moments where we’ve given our power away, perhaps without even realizing it.

Now, here’s our challenge for the week: It is time to wave goodbye to the pessimism we’ve been holding onto from past experiences. Instead, let’s harness that energy and transform it into sheer joyfulness. It’s time to embrace the bright side of life! History doesn’t have to repeat itself, often that’s from our own expectations that end up recreating the situation.

As we navigate through July, we’re zeroing in on reclaiming our power, and it’s all about not letting others steer our life’s ship. We get to choose our adventures, our experiences, our joys. Recall that in June, we placed emphasis on breaking free from self-imposed limitations, the tales we’ve been telling ourselves that hinder our growth.

So, for this week, pay special attention to these limitations. What triggers your pessimism? Can you trace it back to a past experience that left you believing things wouldn’t work out for you? This is a great time to investigate these feelings and, more importantly, explore what it would take for you to feel confident and joyous in your everyday life.

For a while, I found myself disassociating from experiences, even joyful ones. I was present physically, but mentally, I was somewhere else, and as a result, I missed out on savoring these moments of happiness. If you’ve ever found yourself mentally checking out or withdrawing from situations, I’d encourage you to pay special attention to when and why it happens.

When you feel joy, that’s your soul giving you a big thumbs up and asking for more of those experiences! Pessimism is just an old, pesky voice saying, “Been there, done that, don’t want to revisit.”

So, for this week, let’s choose joy. Embrace the sunny side of life, especially as we’re in the midst of summer. Our two karmic cycles for this week will be centered around guilt associated with our ability to choose and the belief that we can’t have it both ways when it comes to making choices. Stay tuned for separate videos on these topics!

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