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Tired of repeating the same cycles over and over again? What if you could create a life filled with peace, purpose, and passion? What if you could live life your way, embodying your Soul's Potential? How would that change things for you? This monthly subscription is designed to help you break free from the past so you can begin to look forward and discover what new possibilities the future holds for you! Each month a collective karmic cycle is selected, and we meet weekly to work through the cycle and uncover how it shows up in each of our lives. 

Week 1: Discussion of the Karmic Cycle and ways it impacts us in our lives. 

Week 2: Discover past situations where this karmic cycle has shaped our lives and impacted our choices. 

Week 3: Uncover the subtle cues of the cycle, so we know what to look out for and be able to step out of the loops. 

Week 4: Release our old ways and commit to new aligned actions that uphold our Soul's Truth so we can be free of the cycles for good!

Too busy to join? No problem! If you can't make the live call, recordings are sent straight to your inbox to watch on your own time. 

This subscription is on a month-to-month basis, Ashley harnesses the Akashic Records and the Collective Unconscious to locate the most prevalent karmic cycle that is showing up for the collective each month that is asking to be released. With Ashley's weekly guidance you will be able to break free from the karmic blocks, elevate your spiritual journey, and embody more and more of your Soul's Highest Potential.

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Heal from the past

If you are trying to drive forwards while staring in the rear-view mirror, it's hard to stay on the course. Discover the ease of navigating your life when the past no longer has its hold on your choices, perspectives, and beliefs.

break free of karmic blocks

Uncover the blocks that keep holding you back from your full potential. Stop reliving the same old patterns and step out of the loop for good!

live authentically

Discover the freedom and fulfillment that comes from living life your way and reconnecting to your true self.

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