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Common goals: reform


A continuation from May 9th:

Unity through diversity: The common thread.

A channeled message-

Your task is not to change the other, but to instead allow space for them to be their own.

Your task is not to guide them and insist on your own way, but instead to witness their own evolution within.

unity through diversity

You are not here to demand, control, or force your own desires onto them, but instead to allow them to be, while you exist within your own.

Your goal is not to unite as one- but to see that you already are.

This understanding came to me last year. The idea of unity through diversity. Yesterday, I briefly touched on it when discussing human value and unified contributions, but it comes in much stronger today.

You see, the one thing every human has in common is our uniqueness in appearance, thoughts, and experiences. We like to look for sameness to feel safe, but we focus on the wrong aspects of that. If we focused on uniqueness as our common bond, we would recognize how each of us finds ourselves comparing ourselves to others, wishing to be accepted for ourselves, while also rediscovering who that even is.

We try to change others to be more like us, rather than just allowing them to be themselves. We try to change ourselves to be more like others, rather than allowing ourselves to be.

The thing is, if we were all the same, down to every detail, the world could not exist. There would be no other than one. If we were all the same, we would need the same experiences, the same thoughts, the same appearance, etc. Which is not possible and even close to that degree of sameness, it would be pretty boring to be alive.

Imagine for a moment, a Stepford society. Each male a replica, and each female exactly the same. Same jobs, same number, and the appearance of children. A world of Barbie and Ken dolls, doing the exact. same. things.

Diversity and uniqueness give us the gift of vibrant beauty, innovation, and expansion. New perspectives from different experiences bring forward new ways of approaching problems and finding solutions. If we were all the same, we would have none of that.

Yet we still create divisions of sameness.

Once we are able to embrace the fact that it is our differences that unify us, we can open up to a new world of authentic expression, and inclusion, and invite more innovation, beauty, and advancement. We could solve the world’s problems, including our desire to be anyone but ourselves, and the desire for others to be us instead of them.

Today, you are being guided to notice, appreciate, and honor all of the diversity, color, and beauty that surrounds you. Reminding yourself that you are perfect as you are, and they are perfect as they are. Your pixel may not be near theirs, but theirs still has its unique place in the divine picture we form together.

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