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Confusion + Uncertainty: Projecting Triggers


  • May 24
  • 2 min read

Updated: Jun 5

May 22-28 Energy Breakdown Blog

Today you might be feeling a bit of uncertainty or confusion, last week brought up a lot of us to reflect on and reconcile with. Some of us (aka ME) feel like we were sucked into a time vortex and spit out, so you might be licking your wounds today as you try to get back to your weekly schedule.

This week is going to bring us a dose of realism though. The message that Source is bringing us this week is that the cracks in your vessel are an expansion, you are not broken- you just don’t fit in that old mold that kept you contained and small before.

There’s this sense of frustration this week like we have devoted our lives to the wrong thing and have been misguided, we begin to explore what we want to devote to ourselves and what else is possible for us. The old mold is broken so it gives us space to begin to examine ourselves and WHO we want to become.

As a collective, we are focused on love:

  • Learning to love ourselves as we uncover who is under the mold we were pushed to fit inside.
  • Learning to love others, knowing their projections are about them, not us.
  • Learning to love life and all the potential that it holds for us.
  • And to focus on what it is that we love, each day.

It may feel like an identity crisis or midlife crisis this week, where everything and everyone seems to be called into question about its role in your life. Deep breaths, my friend. Focus on one thing at a time. The rest unfolds from there.

How are you creating further expansion in your life this week and what self-imposed limitations are you breaking? Dream bigger.

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