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Dependence or Interdependence?


As humans, there is always an inherent interdependence on one another, after all, we can’t do it all!

It’s essential for us to learn to distinguish the difference between these two in our lives because often we rely on others and depend on them telling ourselves it’s interdependence when we are really just disempowering ourselves.

dependence or interdependence

You see when we are in interdependence, everyone is fully empowered (in the power of themselves) and each individual holds their own unique value and contribution through their own existence.

However, dependence is when the power balance is uneven and one person defers to another for guidance, decisions, or choices. Even the most subtle unconscious choices, where we run our choice through filters of “what would so and so think” count.

When we choose to be in our own power, we are able to confidently identify the choice that feels right for us and respect others’ choices that may not be right for us, or suitable for our expectations of them, and allow them the space to discover for themselves if it is aligned or not, and let them change their minds if it turns out not to be.

Are there areas in your life where you are dependent upon someone else? How does interdependence play out in your life?

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