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Embrace Change and Reclaim Your Power


Updated: Jul 10

Embrace Change and Reclaim Your Power

For the first full week of July, from the 3rd to the 9th, our collective focus shifts to a crucial aspect of our lives that often remains unexplored – contentment. However, we are not talking about passive acceptance, the “it’s not bad” kind of contentment. Instead, we’re diving into the things we’re settling for or tolerating, those aspects of our lives that we lack the motivation to change despite our dissatisfaction.

This week, our goal is to shake things up and question the way things have always been done. As we venture on this journey, we might experience feelings of unease, anxiety, or even fear. Such emotions are natural when facing new opportunities, changes, or transformations. However, our mission is to bravely step into these new spaces, altering our environment, our lives, and our choices, to pave the way for true contentment, happiness, and satisfaction.

One of the key elements we’ll address this week is recognizing where we are ceding our power to others, telling ourselves, “Oh well, I just have to deal with it”. But the truth is, you don’t have to settle. As a karmic life coach, my core expertise lies in helping people pinpoint where they’re giving their power away and guiding them on how they can reclaim it. The objective is to encourage you to step into an authentic, aligned life where you’re in control of shaping your destiny.

For those interested in taking this journey, feel free to set up a consultation through the link in my bio. Additionally, I will be releasing two collective current cycles each week to further our understanding and growth. This week, we’ll be exploring the themes of ‘vows of suffering’ and ‘illusions’, with separate videos for each.

Gear up for an exciting week of self-discovery and growth, as we strive to build lives of genuine contentment. Stay tuned for more and good luck on this transformative journey!

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