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Embracing Curiosity in a World of Divided Opinions


IPhone or Android? It’s the never-ending hot debate as to which is better.

Depending on the phone you own and your personal preferences, you will say one or the other.

I’ve seen some intense debates on this over the years.

Each side will present its facts and opinions on the issue, but when the opposing side tries to counter the facts and opinions, it goes nowhere. There’s not much chance you can sway one side to the other.

That’s because usually confirmation bias takes hold, along with a deep-seated need to be right, and should you consider the opposing side’s argument- you would have to admit you may be wrong.

No one wants to be wrong though! So often we double down and hold our ground, insisting that our side is right or the better of the two.

This debate topic isn’t the only time this has happened to us though. It happens all the time, around all kinds of topics. Politics, religion, morals and ethics, and especially perception of events.

When this happens, we get defensive, refusing to hear the other side, closing ourselves off from hearing or believing anything different or dissenting.

Want to know the one simple thing that could change the world and ourselves?

Curiosity. An openness to hearing, learning, and discovering all possibilities, potentials, and reasons. Allowing ourselves to hear all sides of an argument, consider each perspective and perception, and notice where they may be right, or have a valid point. It’s that simple.

Yet just like that iPhone vs. Andriod debate, we become so defensive and certain that our side is the right side, that we close ourselves off from being curious and exploring all the other positions. When we do, we miss out on a lot of opportunities, including opportunities to see the world differently, expand our understanding, and connect deeper with others.

What topics do you find yourself doubling down on?

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