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Empower Your Life by Overcoming Childhood Trauma and Choosing Compassion


As adults, we have the power to shape our lives and take control of our direction. However, our childhood experiences can carry trauma and pain into adulthood, limiting our choices.

This week, let’s explore situations where we have felt mistreated and examine our relationship with power. By embracing our power, we can avoid blaming others and feeling like victims. When we relinquish control over our lives, we allow mistreatment to persist.

Mistreatment often occurs during childhood, even from our own families. In those moments, we internalize beliefs that we deserved it or that it was a normal part of life. If we haven’t claimed our power, we continue to replay these stories as adults, finding justifications for the way we were treated. This internal narrative may sound like “I’m not good enough,” “The world is unkind,” or “I must have done something to deserve this.” These narratives shape our lives, leading us to tolerate mistreatment, push away those who treat us well, and doubt their intentions.

However, when we take responsibility for our lives, we discover countless options and choices available to us. By healing our inner child and letting go of old narratives, we can make new choices.

Treating ourselves differently enables us to be more discerning about the people we allow into our lives. Those who remain will treat us better too. We establish boundaries, communicate clear expectations, and let go of those who cannot honor us with compassion and kindness.

It’s easy to become complacent and accept an uncomfortable status quo. But when we question our contentment and honestly evaluate why we tolerate mistreatment, we can create a life that brings true comfort.

Now, the choice is yours. Will you let these words inspire you to reclaim your power and release your past? Or will you continue down the same path, allowing others to mistreat you?

If you’re ready for a change and desire a genuinely comfortable life, not just a familiar one, take the next step and schedule a call with me today. Together, we can help you create a life you enjoy, cultivate self-compassion, reclaim your choices and power, and uncover the possibilities that life has to offer.

Here are some questions to reflect on this week:

If your life was comfortable, what would that look like?

What areas of discomfort need change?

What does contentment mean to you and what would it look like?

Do you tolerate or allow others to mistreat you? What new choices can you begin to make to reclaim your power and move into comfort?

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