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Get ready to redefine success and break away from the daily grind



As we step into August, it’s time for a powerful inquiry. Let’s ask ourselves what success truly means to us and where we’re heading. The moment to break away from the mundane and become more intentional about our direction has arrived. We should ensure the path we tread is truly the one we desire.

When we speak of success, we’re looking beyond mere monetary gain. If your definition of success revolves around a specific amount of money, ponder on what you’d do with that wealth. Go beyond the financial aspect because money is merely creative energy we manipulate to manifest physical experiences.

At the start of August, we’ll explore where we feel unsupported. We will probe what it takes to confidently stride towards our dreams and visions of success. It’s time to be objective. Are we stewing in misery or mastering our fate? Are we actively working towards our goals?

Our first collective karmic cycle involves the vow of sacrifice. We must identify areas where we’re surrendering our needs or certain aspects of life to gain something else. For instance, it could be a balance between work and family. We often oscillate between the two, sacrificing one for the other.

Remember, an unwatched pot is quick to boil over. If we neglect our needs, we’re bound to experience burnout and physical issues such as recurring sickness, chronic pain, or shoulder tension. Your shoulders might be bearing the burdens of the world! Let’s explore why we often place our needs last and where we need to gain confidence to create balance.

The second collective karmic cycle of this week revolves around the power of faith. While faith can indeed move mountains, we should not underestimate the power of choice associated with our crown chakra. This is our connection to the divine, where we manifest our desires. But, faith without tangible action is futile. So let’s examine where we’re just holding onto faith without taking physical actions towards our goals.

The essence of this month is breaking out of everyday monotony and becoming more purposeful and intentional in our creations. Many in our collective, especially post-COVID, realize they’re overworked and burnt out. So, it’s crucial to ask what we’re doing with all that we’ve earned and created. We shouldn’t just be working for work’s sake, but to bring new experiences into our lives. What do these experiences look like for you?

Let’s focus on these insightful questions in the upcoming week. Please reach out if you’re struggling, and if this resonates with you, let me know!

Remember, you are not alone on this journey, and your vision of success is worth the pursuit. So subscribe, engage, and let’s navigate this journey together.

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