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How aggravation can drive reformation.


  • May 6
  • 2 min read

Sometimes you have to get so aggravated and frustrated that you literally cannot do it anymore before you are willing to walk through the discomfort to change things up.

I used to be a very happy-go-lucky, optimistic person. Over time while in the Army, and from certain life choices, I had lost sight of that girl and became jaded, angry, and resentful.


The three years I was stationed in Hawaii were by far the worst years of my life and the most formative. That was my dark period, my breaking point, things had built up so much, that it forced me to decide that I could not, and did not want to live my life like that anymore. I finally started planning and working through my strategies on how I could break out of this anger and rage and find myself again.

I honestly don’t think I would be where I am now if I had not gone through all of that.

You see, I’ve come to realize that sometimes we have to deviate so far off course from who we are before we can truly come to know and recognize ourselves once again. Those contrasting experiences make it clear as day that we don’t want to live our lives that way.

The challenge is, sometimes it becomes so overwhelming that it feels almost impossible to get out of that darkness. So we resign to live our lives in misery instead.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Whether we allow someone else’s light to guide us, or we spontaneously reignite our own, it’s possible. We just have to be willing to take one step forward into the unknown abyss and keep going, one – step – at – a – time. Eventually, we reach the end of the tunnel and come back to daylight again.

Keep going. Aggravation can lead to powerful reformation- if you just step forward one foot at a time.

Borrow my light and let’s navigate this together. You deserve happiness and peace in your life too.

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