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How Your Perception Shapes Your World


Do you wear rose-colored glasses? Or do you look through the disaster lenses?

Each of those has a powerful hold on how we perceive the world around us and when we change the way we perceive, the world we see changes too.

Our minds fixate on certain things, ensuring that we notice them in our lives. Our beliefs about others and the world around us morph and mold the picture that our minds generate, ensuring that it matches up with what we believe. When it doesn’t- we are surprised and usually pretty uncomfortable. Cognitive dissonance takes hold and we have a choice to make- update our world view, or stick with what we originally believed to be true.

Many find comfort in staying with what they know though, and would rather not venture out of their comfort zone. But it is a powerful moment, a powerful choice being presented to us. When we receive this new information with curiosity and an openness to explore it, we can discover new wonders within the world. New experiences, understandings, and connections.

How could changing the lens in which you understand the world impact your life? What if those moments of impending doom were transformed into serenity? How would that change your life? What would you do with that newfound energy that you used to spend on worry, fear, and anxiety?

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