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Loosen Inner Convictions: Explore New Ways


  • May 24
  • 2 min read

Inner convictions can create a mental prison.

Have you ever had a belief that was so strong, you would fight for it?

Most of us have a few at least. Believing something so strongly can be powerful, but like a sword, there are two edges to it.


These inner convictions become a problem when they are so tightly wound in how we see and perceive the world, that there is no space for evolution or expansion within them. A lot of these lurk in our unconscious, leaving us unaware as we play them out in our day-to-day lives, but once it has become violated, they can rise up and create anger and fury inside of us. Driving us to fight and protect, both for good— and for bad. For this article, we are only focusing on the negative aspects, where inner convictions become limitations.

It’s important this week for us to take stalk in those convictions. Whether they are ones that uphold our personal values, or inform our reality, what beliefs do you hold that MUST be true, so much that it creates that anger within you when it is not upheld or shown to be true?


Many of us have our own ideas on what that is and what it looks like. There is an inner sense of fairness that we believe is true, and when it is not proven true in our reality, it creates rage inside of us. However, Justice stems from judgment. Judgment is a projection of our OWN preferences though. So, our idea of justice IS just our personal preferences projected onto others and society as a whole. Fairness too involves justice or judgment, so how do we know what is right or wrong?

The Answer.

When we come to realize and accept all that the feelings that are directed at things and beings outside of ourselves are more about what we prefer, there is this release within us, a freeing moment where you are able to absolve all desire or need to control the outside world, attempting to force it to fit into your box of preferences. You are able to allow others to exist as themselves, in their own preferences, and the magic begins to unfold.

Once you release that, you release a lot of limitations you had been putting against yourself. You enter into this state of surrender, focusing on yourself and what you prefer. You uphold boundaries a bit better, knowing the difference between your preferences and your needs, making it easier to navigate them and communicate them with others.

You also release all of the expectations and judgments that were projected onto YOU throughout your life. It’s not that you don’t care, it’s that you now know what TO care about.

If you feel the pressure building within you, it might be time to let the mold break and allow the expansion to happen. Release any inner convictions that aren’t serving you anymore- especially those about justice and judgment.

Think of the world we could create, with just this understanding, allowing each person to live freely as themselves without judgment cast upon them. There would be no desire to harm or hurt one another anymore. Change starts with being you.

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