Soul transformation

6 Month Rapid Soul Transformation Program

This 6-month program will change your life! Imagine a life that is filled with purpose, peace, happiness, and ease! In this program we will meet one hour a week, diving deep into all of the patterns and choices that keep you stuck on repeat, constantly blocked, feeling stuck, and dissatisfied with life.

You will learn all the tools and resources that you need to live life your way, set boundaries, understand your own personal energy levels, soul purpose, and patterns, identify and communicate your needs with others, make aligned choices, and manifest your dreams!

Ditch the quick fixes that never stick. Sign up today to create changes that will last for lifetimes!

Price: $7985
Length: 6 months
Sessions: 23 total sessions, includes: Full Akashic Records reading, Quantum Time Release Session, 18 weekly deep dive sessions, and 3 Progress Check Sessions.

Monthly Coaching Plan

Benefits: This plan is great for those who have already completed the 6-month Soul Transformation and wish to receive additional support or those who have already invested a lot of time in working through their healing journey and only need limited support with a monthly check-in and guidance.

By enrolling in this plan you will receive 6 coaching sessions, one per month for six months.

Price: $266.67/month for six months.

Quarterly Coaching Plan

Benefits: This plan is great for those who have been working with me long-term or you’re just needing an occasional check-in. By signing up for this plan you will receive one 90-minute session per quarter (4 sessions total) where we will discuss any karmic blocks currently showing up for you and dive into the root choices and causes so we can create an aligned action plan to help you shift out of them.

Price: $100/month for 12 months.