Get to know your Spirit Guides

Connect deeper. Grow your intuition. Get guidance.

Here you are provided with information about your guides, from the “impulses” they use to get your attention, to messages they may have and an overview of their Soul Profile to help you work with them going forward. This reading is in-depth and extremely detailed.

1 HR.

Full Akashic Records Reading

Find out what is keeping you stuck in place. Perfect for Shadow Work!
This is the ultimate Akashic Records reading! If you are on a healing journey, this reading is what you need! Here we will go over all karmic patterns keeping you stuck, past life information on how these patterns were created, and your Soul Blueprint!

If you would like customized guidance and coaching on breaking these cycles, please check out the programs page for the Soul Transformation Program, which includes the reading.
*Payment plans are available upon request. Please get in touch with us prior to scheduling if you plan to request a payment plan. Package. Please contact us prior to scheduling if you plan to request a payment plan.

1 HR.

Karmic Relationship Reading

Take your relationship to the next level! Friends, Parent/child, Partners, and more!

This reading can be done on any relationship in your life (family, friends, romantic, work). We examine the blocks that are affecting the relationship, how you assist each other in life lessons, and how you can assist each other and improve your relationship with one another based on the friction points.

Please note if the other half of the relationship has given physical consent to the reading. If no consent is given, we CAN do a reading for your side ONLY.

1 HR.

Karmic Snapshot & Soul Blueprint

Quick look at your Soul Blueprint and the TOP 5 karmic blocks that are keeping you stuck.

This reading covers your unique Soul Design, how to leverage this, what you are here to learn, and the top 5 things that keep you stuck in place. We will also talk about how to break these cycles based on your Soul Design.

1 HR.