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Polarizing News: Power of Collective Response


  • May 11
  • 2 min read

How polarizing news keeps us divided and plays into fear.

When we are victims of our emotions, we may as well be lost as a sea with no land in sight.

The truth is- those emotions are the compass that guides us to our homeland.

When we fail to understand that, it becomes easy to fall into polarizing paradigms, trapped in fear, a need to escape, and a sense of feeling helpless and lost.


The media knows that our emotions are the motivating force behind our actions though.

A common equation in spiritual communities is energy + motion = e-motion. They are our action drivers, trying to move us into action, motivating us towards what is right for us, and us alone.

Without that knowledge and understanding, we respond chaotically. Cursing at the sea for throwing us waves and veering us off course, rather than steering our ship, using the waves to assist us in arriving faster.

Headlines and algorithms are set up to amplify this tendency to respond chaotically, so their waves can push us towards the direction IT wants us to go, rather than the direction we wanted to go.

That compass within us knows the direction we need to go though. Rather than allowing the waves to steer your ship, all you need to do is pause, notice the action that the energy is trying to drive you toward, and go in that direction.

Anger often tells us that something is not for us, it violates our values, boundaries, or needs. It serves to motivate us into defense and protection, keeping us safe.

Happiness tells us that something is enjoyable and aligns with the core of who we are, and we should continue in that direction.

Resentment says that there is an unequal dynamic and our needs or expectations were unmet, therefor clearer communication is required.

Joy lights up our being, telling us we have arrived in our homeland. We are seated firmly in our truth and the core of who we are.

Sadness tells us that we have lost something that we deeply appreciated, and without that grief, we would never know gratitude. It gives us the opportunity to find appreciation for the things we love and seek more of them.

Each emotion is a gift to us from our soul, guiding us along in this experience. The more we ignore it and run from it, the harder it is to find the home within ourselves. Instead, we feel frustration, stress, and exhaustion. All of which try to tell us to pay more attention to where we are headed.

When the minority becomes the majority, it is much harder to get swept up in the wave because we have stopped lending our own power and momentum to the wave, and have steered out of it, towards our own true direction, leaving it with no energy to form. There’s power in the collective response, and it begins with you choosing to go your own way, rather than allowing it to guide you forward.

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