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Questions for Reflection: Balancing the Heart


Today’s energy is calling for us to release and purge what is no longer serving us when it comes to how we choose to Give and be gracious. We are being asked to release any dependence that surrounds our giving nature so that we can make space for the new balance to be anchored into our lives.

release and purge

Here are some questions to reflect on today that can help you move through this energy more easily:

  • When you think about giving to others, is there something you expect to get from it? (Validation, appreciation, belonging, worthiness for love, attention, etc.)
  • If you were to quickly assign a percentage value to how often you give, what would it be?
  • If you were to quickly assign a percentage value to how much you receive, what would it be?
  • Are the numbers you gave close to one another or are they on opposing sides of the percentage scale? (example: opposing 30/70 vs balanced range 45/65)

Are there any needs that over-giving fulfills for you? Do you feel like you benefit from it in any way?

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Hope means looking to a different future without needing to repeat past mistakes.

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