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The down and dirty about manifesting and shadow work.


I wanted to share with you some things that I have picked up and learned over the years regarding HOW manifesting works and WHY everyone says Shadow Work is so important, then give you some things to think about and a few methods out there that will assist you in your journey.

First and foremost, the information in my post is that of my own beliefs, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

⭐Ok, so how do we manifest things?

– Your subconscious mind is the master manifester. We do spells, symbols/Sigils, journal, setting intentions, prayers, affirmations, etc. all aiming to achieve one thing. Bring our desires into our subconscious mind, putting energy behind it and allowing our subconscious to create it. Your emotions, your thoughts, your WORDS, all have energy behind them. The more energy you give something, the more likely it will be created into your experience.

** It should be noted that you MUST continuously put energy and effort into your desires. Ex: If you do a spell or pray in order to attract a new job opportunity, but do not make choices and actions that align with that (creating a resume, applying for jobs, networking, etc.) your ability to manifest this will diminish.

⭐Why is that?

Well your actions and choices create more significant energy patterns, taking this spell/prayer or thought form from a lighter vibrational essence to a more dense vibrational aspect. Think of it like a shape/picture, at it’s initial inception (thought) the transparency is set very very low (1-10%, if you look really hard you can kinda make out that something might be there) but as you add more energy to it, thinking about it, then verbalizing it, discussing it, making choices/decisions that align with it, you turn up the transparency a bit more each time, then you start researching and learning about the thing you want, adding more to it, then that transforms into you ACTING on it, so you can clearly see that the shape is there..it’s becoming more and more solid, when it manifests is when the transparency is turned all the way up, becoming a physical reality and part of your experience.

⭐Ok, that said.. lets go back to our subconscious is the powerful manifester:

It is important that you are aware of your subconscious and what resides within it. If your ego has rejected parts of yourself and these traits, these personality “flaws”, the twisted desires we have, the limiting beliefs, the fears, etc. all reside in your subconscious mind, then you are not in control of what you are manifesting. Instead, you continuously manifest situations in which your conscious mind doesn’t want. When you fully integrate yourself, OWN who you are (not who you THINK you are, or who you WANT to be), you will then be in control of your subconscious mind and what you manifest. You are the creator of your own experience. If you are of a negative mindset, always focusing on the bad things in life, then that is what you will consciously notice, that is what you will consciously EXPERIENCE– no matter if you have tried a “vision board” or affirmations; if your energy, subconscious and consciousness are not directed to align with the things you want, you will not experience them. This is very much a “life is what you make of it” type deal. You will instead focus on what you lack, rather than seeing all the potential in front of you, or the new opportunity that’s being presented. This is why gratitude practices are becoming more and more popular. It trains you to focus on what you DO like, so that your subconscious gets the message and is like, “hey, I like these things, I should create more of it!” (Here we circle back to above and the power of thoughts, words and actions in manifesting).

Here at Seeking Divine Serendipity, we specialize in Shadow Work readings that give you journal prompts to go along with the reading to help you work through through shadowy, murky thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. We also offer Chakra readings if you just need a quick check on progress, OR my personal favorite service, Soul Realignment. This service uses the Akashic Records to identify past life blocks and restrictions, as well as current life, and we provide you a Soul Profile, giving you tips on how to integrate who you are at Soul level into your daily life and how to recognize those blocks and restrictions and change your choices to break free of these old, outdated, and nonbeneficial patterns so that you can move forward towards manifesting your dreams.

Another great method for shadow work is applying cognitive behavioral therapy. There’s TONS of free resources that you can find through a simple google search that do not require a therapist. If you can’t find anything useful, reach out to me – I’ll send you a few that I have used or recommended in the past.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Blessings to you,


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