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The Healer’s Rules to Live By


I was asked by my own business coach what rules I needed to give myself permission to break and when I reflected on that question, I realized that as a rebellious spirit, I always chose what rules I wanted to follow or challenged the ones that didn’t make sense. So I thought about it and decided to create my own rules by which I wanted to live that upheld my own values.

I decided to share those with you today in hopes that it helps you become more empowered to create your own rules to live by too.

The Healer’s Rules to live by:

– Hear everyone out before speaking.

– Always seek understanding. The agreement is not necessary, knowledge is.

– Always be true to yourself and allow others the same grace, judgment-free.

– Always honor free will and choice. Give everyone choices, and honor their decisions. It is their path to walk.

– Guide only when asked. Do with, not do for.

– Honor your time as much as you honor others.

– Always be open to new opportunities and perspectives. They don’t have to be right for you but allow yourself to explore their possibilities and go with your gut and heart.

– Always share your table with others. Invite them in.

– Wholeness comes from within, not from others.

– There are no mistakes, only trial, and error. Play with it and adjust as needed.

What rules do you need to give yourself permission to break, and what new rules are you creating to live by?

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