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Transforming Betrayal into Strength


This week it is time to refine your life.

To do that, we first have to figure out what unwanted elements need to be removed and the energy this week holds is calling out our issues with trust.

As I sat down to write this week’s blog, I thought a lot about trust and what it entails. To trust someone, they have to be consistent, and predicable, ensure that their actions align with their words, we know their intentions for us, and there’s some communication involved.

As I thought about this I realized that we were constructing an internal representation of that person in our minds, which is why betrayal hurts so much. When betrayal happens, we pull out that internal representation in our mind and are forced to closely examine it. They weren’t who we thought they were.

This causes us to lose trust and belief in ourselves and our ability to judge and discern someone’s compatibility and safety. It isn’t about them and what they did— it’s about us, and our ability to understand, know, and connect with someone.

Suddenly what we thought to be true is upended. This leads us to emotional withdrawal, attempting to protect our hearts, but when we emotionally withdraw, we become a shell of a person, only living half of a life.

It is the richness and contrast of those emotions that make life so beautiful. Those emotions drive our actions, push us towards what we love, and warn us when we are straying too far. Simply put, emotions are motion drivers- helping lead us toward our innermost purpose and guiding us through our journey. Without them, we are stuck at a standstill, aimlessly moving forward.

If you find yourself stuck in this space, you have to decide- continue keeping people at arm’s length and lack that deep connection with them, or take back the reigns and begin cultivating inner trust with yourself again so you can live a fulfilled and meaningful life again.

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