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Unveiling the Reality Filter


Our upcoming week (July 24th – July 30th Energy Update) is set to be an enlightening journey, with a primary focus on understanding what brings us love and fulfillment. Let’s walk together towards removing blocks that obstruct our path to these essential experiences. The spotlight of our introspection will be on recognizing instances where we feel attacked, and pivoting from this defensive position towards a space of openness and acceptance.

Remove the Reality Filter

You might remember me mentioning ‘reality filters’ in past discussions. This concept is worth revisiting, especially for this week. The brain is an intricate organ that processes an overwhelming amount of sensory information. To manage this, it filters the data by deleting, distorting, or generalizing it. This process is influenced by our values, beliefs, and expectations, which are, in turn, formed by our past experiences. This forms the unique filter through which we perceive reality.

Here’s the challenge: if we’ve been conditioned by past experiences to believe that people are judgmental or disapproving, we might find ourselves feeling attacked, even when no harm is intended. So, this week, we must explore why we feel attacked, what triggers it, and the root cause. It’s all about shifting our perspective and approaching our interactions with a clear, open mind, which allows us to perceive others’ intentions without the distortions of our reality filter. And the result? A profound transformation in our relationships and interactions, making them feel entirely new and refreshingly positive.

The collective karmic focuses this week are centered around judgment. First, we need to address how we allow judgment to dictate our choices and inhibit our free will. Past judgments may have influenced our reactions, behaviors, and paths followed. The second focus is on refraining from acting out of fear of judgment. Doing so merely brings more situations where we either judge others or fear judgment ourselves. By acting from a place of authenticity, aligned with our soul’s guidance, we can break this karmic cycle and avoid repetitive patterns. Remember, if you keep giving what you’ve already got, you’ll keep receiving what you’ve already had.

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Remember, your journey towards love, fulfillment, and open-mindedness starts here, and every step is a stride towards a more enlightened, authentic you.

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