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Weekly Energy Forecast


For the week of November 13-19

You may become fixated on one or more things this week, especially in relationships. The energy here supports you in finding the areas of misalignment so you can start addressing the issues before they get out of hand.

It’s likely that certain things have not been sitting right with you lately and you have been writing it off and dismissing it— Now that doesn’t mean that the other person is at fault or guilty of your suspicions. Your fixation could be a warning that you are falling into an old thinking trap where your past creates assumptions about the present.

This is your warning! Do NOT assume anything this week! This week it will serve you well to pause and ask deeper questions, seek clarification, and talk about what is really bothering you with those closest to you so you can get to the root of the matter.

Be curious and open this week, without being partial to one side or the other. You may just discover something new and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by others in your life!

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