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Weekly Energy Overview: May 29-June 4


  • May 30
  • 2 min read

This week we are urged to seek a new balance in all aspects of our life- moving closer to alignment and releasing suffering and oppression.

Weekly Energy

The universe is asking you to really look at your choices and decide if you have had enough and are willing to step into new actions and behaviors, or if you want to stay where you are and continue suffering.

While it might feel rocky this week, like things just aren’t going your way- it’s the universe’s way of encouraging you- telling you that you deserve better, can have better, and now is the time to choose that for yourself.

As we transition into June, we are being pushed to find our inner courage and stand up and remove the masks we have become attached to showing others who we truly are under the facades we put on for the sake of acceptance and fitting in. The underlying theme here is feeling exposed versus feeling secure as we show up as our true soul selves.

June’s timelines will begin to entrain, as lower frequency timelines begin to synchronize with the higher frequencies. This will bring up some discomfort in areas where we have not yet healed, or have more layers of old stories that need to be addressed. As we get closer, I will talk about the manifestation opportunities that will be presented for the month, allowing us to move into higher timelines and begin to experience those new experiences we have been calling in. Keep working through anything that comes up and feels uncomfortable for you, this will help you step into those new timelines as we charge ahead towards a higher frequency Earth.

Check out my YouTube channel for the daily discussions and walk-throughs of the week and month ahead.

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